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Why Do We Need Professional Help?

When I was in high school and college, I was fortunate to work for a patient home remodeler who taught me everything I know about repairing and maintaining a home.

We built everything from decks to rooms over the garage and painted more houses than I can count.  You are probably familiar with the phrase, “I know just enough to be dangerous”. That’s me. There are many home to-do lists that I can dominate. However, when it comes to the big stuff, I really prefer to employ that person who practices their trade every day. Why? I can likely do it myself.

Well let me list out some reasons. I think they fall under the three T’s. Time, technique, and temperament. I don’t have the time or shall I say I don’t want to make the time. I’d rather be on my bike. Have you ever watched a master at their craft? It seems effortless and they have awesome tools to get the job done. That’s called technique. They’ve done that task thousands of times.

My name is Michael and I admit I have thrown tools. There I said it. While performing some jobs, mostly in the crawl space under my home, I have been known to throw a pair of channel locks or two out of sheer frustration.  I don’t have the temperament that it takes to make sense of the wiring conundrum that worked just fine last week.

So, if you find yourself dealing with your family’s very important financial project and you don’t have the time, technique, or temperament maybe you should consider calling a professional who has helped families with their finances for 50 years. We’d love to be that firm you call and help you claim your time and peace of mind.

Michael H. Westbrooks

Michael H. Westbrooks

After college at Loyola and the University of North Texas, Michael served 11 years as a Plano firefighter. He officially joined WDW in 1992. Michael and his wife, Loree, have three teenage daughters. Michael runs or bikes whenever possible, competing in several races every year. Michael is heavily involved with the Dallas Life homeless ministry, having recently completed his term as board president.

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